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HDP is a small yet vibrant group of photo-enthusiasts ranging beginner to professional photographers. During the season the club meets weekly with the goal to improve our photography skills.


Q. When and where do you meet?

A. HDP meets Wednesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. in East Bridgewater in the Community Room of the Library at 32 Union Street. The entrance is at the back of the library and the meeting room is downstairs. Our season runs from September to May.  

Q. What photographic experience do I need? What experience do others in the club have?

A. HDP has members of all experience levels from beginner to Advance and welcomes all.

·       Beginners are members who are just getting started and learning what a fun and rewarding hobby digital photography can be.

·       Intermediate members have had around a camera for periods measured in years and who have a desire to learn and grow their skill.

·       Advanced members generally make a living via photography and would be considered professional.

Q. What does the HDP offer?

A. The club offers a variety of programs targeted to meet the interests of our members. Based on an annual survey of users, the club offers learning opportunities from expert guest lecturers; monthly image study nights; five intraclub competitions; and local library exhibitions.

Other theme nights provide hands on opportunities including: model night for portraiture practice, still life night, printing and framing, and image processing.

There is an active private group on Facebook. Lastly, there are occasional planned, and spontaneous, local field trips where techniques and tips are shared. Activities are planned in part in response to an annual club survey.

Q. Are there any expectations of me as a new member?

A. There are no expectations of any member other than possessing an interest in photography. We do hope and encourage you become involved in the various club activities we offer and attend as many meetings as possible. Please feel free to ask any member how they participate.

Q. What kind of a camera do I need?

A. HDP believes photography starts with the eye, not the equipment. Anything that records a digital image is acceptable including mobile phones and tablets. Currently most members use dSLRs with robust debates between Nikon and Canon users.


Image Study Night: Image study is an opportunity to improve your photo ability. Members submit two images in a specific genre to share. Other members may, or may not, offer suggestions or critiques for improvement to help make an image more impactful. Image study can be a learning experience and is helpful for fine-tuning images for competitions.

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Club Competition: Each year there are six club competitions based on a specific photographic genre. Images are judged within their respective member class: Class A or Class B. Outside, independent, judges are recruited to critique the images and assign a score between 9 and 15. Competition is more formal than image study but equally as informative and helpful in learning what makes images stand out. Members are NOT required to submit images to competitions.

Photographic Genres: Genres are themes for sets of photographs or images. HDP generally focuses on X themes for competitions. The current season includes: Open, Portraiture, Monochromatic, Motion, and Nature. There are additional categories for Image Study including Creative and Abstract.

Other genres have included Architecture and break down of Nature into wildlife and non-wildlife.

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Membership Dues

Our annual dues are a very reasonable $35, payable before the first competition in October.



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